This is Froskemann

So, I stumbled down the rabbit hole ofwatches when I wanted to gift myself a watch for my 30th birthday. 

At that time, I didn’t know much about mechanical watches. I thought that mechanical movements was just used in really old watches and pocket watches. 

The search for my perfect birthday watch initiated a spark of interest in this fascinating topic. I used hours of hours reading online about movements, complications, and the most known watches in the industry. 

I read forum posts, articles, and watched countless videos on youtube. I transcended from a guy that thought watches was cool, to a full on watch nerd. 

I got so into the community, that in 2017 I started a webshop for norwegian customers where I could offer high quality, handmade watchstraps. 

The search for cool straps that I could offer in my webshop led to a really interesting article by the 

When I read about the natostraps used in the Great War, I came across this really cool design

What caught my eye was the simplicity of the watch strap. There’s just this one buckle that you can attach easily on the webbing for a quick adjustment of the strap. 

If you want to take off your watch, there’s not bother. Just unhook the buckle and you’re good to go. 

And this exact feature makes the strap perfect in regards of convinience and flexibility.