Froskemann – natostrap in 3 different colors

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Thanks to the unique buckle, Froskemann gives you the best from the traditional nato strap, and adds features like microadjustments, extreme security and a sleek design.

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April 2019: I am now in a so called “soft launch” process. The product is ready, but I am still waiting for some extras like packaging boxes, booklets with QR-codes to instructions, better product pictures, etc. So for now, I want to offer my straps at a discount, until all this is ready!

The nato strap is popular amongst us watch entusiasts, and have been used in the military for over 50 years. In spite of its popularity, I think that the nato strap still has a few improvement potentials that I wanted to do something about. So I decided to develop a kind of nato strap that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is Froskemann watch straps

  • Thanks to the unique buckle, you can adjust the strap exactly as you wish.
  • No excess strap that you have to fold under the keepers
  • No holes that will eventually fray
  • Single layer
  • Flexibility – Froskemann 2.0 is designed to adjust the strap over jackets, uniforms, wet suits, etc.
  • Great focus on safety – to wear the strap, you’ll have to put your hand trough a loop, so your watch is secure even if you decide to adjust the strap on the go
  • The seams are sewn in extra solid thread of 100% polyester

The sum of it all is a kind of watch strap you can’t find elsewhere. The buckle that makes it all possible is developed only for Froskemann. It’s made in Stainless Steel. The material used for the watches is imported, but the straps are assembled and handmade by me, here in Norway.

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20mm, 22mm


Olive Green, Marine Blue, Black


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