This is Froskemann watch straps

The word Froskemann is norwegian, and is a direct translation from “Frogman”. 

Adjust your strap in seconds with the clean designed and secure nato strap from Froskemann. 

The unique buckle is made specifically for the purpose of adjusting your strap right where you want it, while you’re on the go. 

No extra webbing you have to fold under the keeper. No excess hardware og weird hooks. 

Just a single looped watch strap securing your valuable timepiece comfortable and safely on the wrist. In any occasion. 

Now open for custom orders!

You can now customize your strap! Choose among different features and personalize your watch strap.

If you are curious of how I make the custom orders, please see the video below.

Wearing the Froskemann straps is a complete joy. The strap tension is very easy to adjust and they wear quite comfortably. In fact, they are the most comfortable straps I have ever worn. Being able to wear them in a variety of configurations and to place the buckle anywhere and re-adjust easily enables extremely precise fitting. Once I set the tension just right, I found I could hardly feel that I even had a watch on. 


Wether your watch features fixed bars or spring bars, the strap will accomodate with the easy to remove one piece buckle, and adjust on the fly with the security of never having to remove the watch from your wrist. Its easily the smartest reimagining of a classic design, that is well worth your attention.

Patrick Marlett

Take Time

Elastic watch straps

Elastic watch straps from Froskemann provides a comfortable feel to the wrist. While looking good. 

Nato straps

Choose your watch strap in a traditional nato strap fabric. Timeless and secure.

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